Energy saving solutions

Save energy by analyzing your energy consumption in detail. A Smart Grid of wireless sensors monitor temperature, energy consumption, humidity, air-flow, opening and closing of doors, etc. Sensor information is real-time visible for your organization and you can easily analyze your processes via the Ovis Telematics Shepherd platform.


Successful installations of the Ovis Telematics easy to install and easy to use wireless monitoring solutions took place at:

  • Cold stores, to analyze power consumption, optimize freezer capacity, reduce energy waste and optimize product quality.
  • Freezing rooms, to monitor and analyze deep-freeze cycles and significantly reduces energy waste.
  • Greenhouses, to optimize climate quality and fine grid monitoring with (3d) thermo mapping.


Is energy consumption a major cost in your organization and a critical control point in you logistic processes?


Please contact us to learn more about the Ovis Telematics wireless monitoring and localization solutions.