GreenStar Statistics – analyzing and optimizing driver behavior

Our Award Winning GreenStar Statistics solution offers fleetmanagers of cars and vans a unique smart monitoring and training solution that saves them 5% to 20% on their fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Furthermore, with GreenStar Statistics a company can save on their insurance policies obtaining safer driving behavior of their drivers.

Ecological driving for fleet managers and drivers

GreenStar Statistics strongly differentiates from competitive initia
tives on the following topics: 

  1. GreenStar Statistics: Award Winning Ecological Driving In contrast to most competing initiatives, GreenStar Statistics offers the means to continuous measure and improve driving behavior – thus facilitating structural savings for customers
  2. Furthermore, the GreenStar Statistics solution is very easy to use: the telematics device can be installed without the intervention of a mechanic and the (secured) online software platform allows easy access for all relevant users – offering the solution at very low TCO
  3. Finally, GreenStar Statistics uniquely combines autonomous sensor values with on-­board computer data with fuel consumption data to provide driving behavior reports. This ‘hybrid’ data collection approach maximizes the chance to offer relevant driving behavior analyses.
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