Cool Chain Monitoring

Stay on top of your high-quality, high-value goods 24/7. Optimize quality control of your perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables, flowers and pharmaceuticals within your cool chain. Generate real-time alerts if boundary thresholds are exceeded or provide your customers with detailed quality control reports on their shipments.


The Ovis Telematics easy to install and easy to use wireless monitoring and localization solutions are being used at:


  • Truck-trailer combinations, to give the driver the function of ‘quality manager’ by providing real-time monitoring information in the cool chain process.
  • Warehouses climate monitoring, to generate alerts if temperature boundaries are being exceeded or generate detailed climate reports.
  • Assets monitoring and localization, to real-time monitor the status of a shipment within the cool chain, such as a pallet or container.


Is cool chain monitoring of the highest importance in your organization and a critical control point in you logistic processes?

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